Ranking the 10 Euro 2024 team win the European Championship

Ranking the 10 favorites to win Euro 2024. Which team will win the European Championship this year?

  • Euro 2024 kicks off this June with Germany as host.
  • The former champions, Italy, are still viewed as an outside team in the race to defend the championship.
  • England, France, and Portugal are still the teams that many agencies offer the highest prices.

Finally, we have all 24 nations playing in the Euro 2024 final round in the middle of this year after Poland, Ukraine and Georgia won the final 3 tickets from the play-off round last week.

Of course, this is the highlight tournament of 2024 that many football fans are waiting for, with all 24 nations having regular favorites every year. But only rarely do those teams make it to dreamland. Because every time there will always be a team with ทางเข้า ufabet a weak horse from outside the spotlight. Who will be a challenger, like in 2004 when Greece rose to win the championship or Portugal, who beat France as the number one contender in 2016. Today

we try to rank them. The 10 favorite teams that have the greatest chance of reaching the championship in the middle of this year. Which nations will there be? Let’s go see

10. Denmark

The Dairy Army is another team that made it to the final four in Euro 2020 as a surprise, plus there was the drama of Christian Eriksen who stopped breathing during the game against Finland in the group stage. This year, of course, two stars from the Red Devils should still be mainstays in Kasper Humand’s team, both Christian Eriksen and Rasmus Hoylund.

9. Croatia

The Chess team has always been a dominant force in major tournaments since the 2018 World Cup, with their main strength mostly being a mix of veterans and young stars. But this year they are in The “Group of Dates” that includes both Spain and Italy makes this year’s opportunity seem more difficult than before.

8. Netherlands

Another big team with quite an overwhelming number of football fans in Thailand. Currently in the process of building a team and reclaiming greatness again. We have to see if under Ronald Koeman’s team they will be able to rise again in the middle of this year or not.

7. Italy

Former champions who were considered outsiders at Euro 2020 Until the performance in the group stage was considered fierce and without regard for anyone until finally Roberto Mancini led the team to win the championship. This year Luciano Spalletti came to pick up the baton along with the power. A new bloodline that must be seen whether it will still be as durable as before or not.

6. Belgium

Despite being at the end of Belgium’s “golden era,” they remain a formidable side under Dominico Tedesco, who emphasizes a mix of veteran players and young talent. The new one is quite perfect.

5. Spain

Even though they didn’t reach their dreams in the era of Luis Enrique, the arrival of Luis de la Fuente looks worth following, not least with his emphasis on giving opportunities to rising stars. Many of whom are doing good work. But it’s interesting because this year they are in a difficult bracket with teams like Italy and Croatia joining them in the group stage.

4. Germany

Host the Iron Eagle Their performance after winning the 2014 World Championship seemed to fall short, to the point that many people had begun to check their names off the team competing for the championship. But for this year, having played at home and the previous warm-up games under Nagelsmann’s team, there seems to be more hope. Especially the game that beat France comfortably 2-0.

3. Portugal

The former champions from 2016 seem to have a relatively well-equipped squad this year with most of their stars playing for top teams. There is also a great player like Cristiano Ronaldo as the protagonist. Moreover, the arrival of Roberto Martinez should make a difference from the Fernando Santos era. Fairly good

2. English

Roaring Lion Party Even though I always failed to get water. But they are still favorites in almost every event they compete in. Of course, it’s because of the names of the players who mostly play in the country, each of whom has done great work with the club, plus Gareth Southgate has done a lot closer, especially reaching the final last time, but then again. Unfortunately missed out on a penalty kick.

1. France

As world champions in 2018 and runners-up in 2022, Didier Deschamps’ France is looking more and more relevant, especially with the new generation’s number one star in Kylian N. Mbappe, who has gradually raised his level, is an important key man for the team. That makes it no surprise that many news organizations are praising the Rooster team as one of the favorites for this year’s event.