It takes time! Kompany believes Chelsea’s young dynamic team

It takes time! Kompany believes Chelsea’s young dynamic team will definitely improve.

Chelsea currently ranks 11th, while Burnley ranks 19th in the table. The Burnley manager told the press: “It’s a young team, so the only guarantee you have with young players is that they will always get better. It makes perfect sense. That they end up stronger than they started. It’s almost a natural process that they go through and it’s a team with many good prospects for the future. 

Chelsea is the team whose starting 11 has the second youngest average of this season.

Vincent Kompany, Burnley manager, revealed โปรโมชั่น ufabet that his team faces the same pressure as Chelsea because of every game they play. Everyone is expecting good results, believing that Mauricio Pochettino’s team will get better and better because this is a team that has only good young players.

”This is a young, energetic team. Therefore What can be guarantee. They will get better and better,” Kompany said at a press conference ahead of the Premier League game.

”They’re a team with some good young players. Obviously they’re under pressure to win. But it’s no different to us. We also have a young team. and want good competition results as well”

In the Premier League season 2023/24, Burnley is considered the team whose starting XI has the youngest average age of 24 years and 257 days.

Following in second place is Chelsea at 24 years and 280 days,a well-known statistics gathering company.

For the Premier League game, the match between Chelsea and Burnley will be played on Saturday, March 30 at 10:00 p.m. Thailand time, broadcast live on True Premier Football 1.