Benefits honey that are better than the sweetest taste.

After knowing the origin of honey Let’s come to the benefits and properties of “honey”. For the main components are 80% glucose and 20% fructose, water, minerals, vitamins, so the various benefits. Including properties can be divided as follows. 1. Relieves and can cure cough,

Know the disease Hypersomnia.

Hypersomnia is a disorder where you sleep too much, lethargic, not getting enough sleep. sleepy all the time naps during the day several times even when eating Or talking to other people can still sleep. Sleep for more than 8 hours. This disease is not caused by behavior. lazy behavior or personal

Hair loss treatment with ginger oil.

  Ginger oil will help strengthen weak hair roots. And if done regularly will stimulate the regeneration of hair as well. There are many recipes to choose from. Try it out.             Recipe 1:  Bring a root of ginger to heat until warm. Then pounded thoroughly. When finished, wrap it

Taking sleeping pills Can it really help?

Taking sleeping pills Can it really help? How often do you have trouble sleeping? recent or chronic? Different factors will affect the ability to sleep differently. Insomnia It is caused by physical, behavioral, and health mental and emotional states. that depends on the individual. What needs to be distinguished is

What kind of lifestyle men do girls fall in love?

What kind of lifestyle men do girls fall in love with men who love boys? You can trust that you will definitely be the father of your child. Because having children requires a lot of love and care. playing sports. Men who like to play sports

3 ways to read nutrition labels for all health problems

Our eating habits are one of the main reasons for our quality of life. We may gain weight increased body fat. we do read the nutrition labels of each food. we eat each day in a hurry. So if you can take a few seconds to look at the important information on

How to reduce belly for women.

How to reduce belly for women. Any girl who wants to get rid of the ugly, drooping belly from her life. Just do the following. Guarantee that you will become a healthy woman with a beautiful flat stomach is not difficult.           Reputed to be a woman, everyone wants

Skateboard Can You Lose Weight?

 The most popular sport is skateboard. Or surf skating It’s a sport that everyone can play. From small to large, They skate smoothly and have a lot of fun. Skateboarding Or surf skating can you lose weight ? And if you want to use this sport to lose weight. How should you

Depression is a depressive disorder

Depression is a depressive disorder

Major depressive disorder is the most common psychiatric disorder. The patient is not mad and not a bad person. But it’s someone who has an emotional illness that needs treatment. because if left Patients may have suicidal thoughts. because there are statistics that People with depression die 20 times more successfully

What does a headache tell you?

What does a headache tell you?

What does a headache tell you?  One-sided headache If the patient has one-sided headache, that is a symptom of a migraine. It could be either side alternating. The disease is often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, etc. The pain usually lasts for hours. or may