“Beta-glucan” benefits of yeast beta-glucan that you should know.

Beta-glucan” benefits of yeast beta-glucan that you should know. , a natural nutrient with its benefits “Immunity” that you should know because our bodies are active every day. The deterioration occurs over time. Especially working people Plus many factors both internal and external. It may cause our immune ufabet system to deteriorate or worsen. Getting sick easily So how do we have ways to strengthen our own immunity? Let’s go see.

Beta-glucan  benefits of yeast

Today, people are exposed to a wide variety of risk factors for the immune system. Inability to work at their best, immunity or immune deficiency Including the virus that is spreading dust, pollution and stress And various health risky behaviors. These factors Speeding up the chance of illness And have a high chance of getting cancer. In addition to taking care of your health Taking vitamins or dietary supplements It may be another option that helps build a strong immune system.

What is beta glucan?

Beta-glucan is a nutrient that is very important for the body. And is one of the components of many dietary supplements. From the research, it was found that Beta-glucan responds to our immune system quite well. Currently, there are many sources of beta-glucan such as yeast, edible mushrooms, grains, etc.

Fish Oil contains essential fatty acids for the production of white blood cells and antibodies. Reduce inflammation of cells from the work of white blood cells to fight and eliminate germs from the body.

Vitamin E protects cells. Not to be destroyed by free radicals And can prevent the occurrence of various chronic diseases.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the white blood cells to move quickly. Making it quickly trap and destroy pathogens.

Vitamin D when binding to white blood cells Will stimulate the production of substances that have the effect of resistance to pathogens.