Unai: Aston Villa can win Europe if they maintain form.

Unai Emery the Aston Villa boss insists that if the team continues to continue to collect points. The goal may change to win a place in European football. After attacking Chelsea 2-0.

“We are happy. But I think it’s balanced as well with these three points. We’re thinking we’re in the top 10 now.

“But we have to play on Tuesday. So we can’t stop. We must move on and make it like today.”

“We won and we are talking about how we have to compete and have intelligence in mind. And We have to attack and defend well and be as good as we are today.” UFABET

“We are in the top 10, now we have to maintain it. We have to play on Tuesday. But first we will rest. and analyze this game. Then we have to play against Leicester and not stop our ambition.

“Today was an amazing game. The commitment of all the players is unbelievable.”

“We have to understand sometimes to play well. We have to defend well. I think we’re improving. We are consistent and can compete.”

“Everybody works hard. Confidence is the result of training and rehearse on yourself. The only way I know is to train, beg and think about football 100 per cent.

“It’s very difficult to get into the European football rankings. But if we keep collecting points. Maybe we can keep adding new goals. I hope so.” Aston Villa boss said

“Since I started as a football manager. I will be the one who puts pressure on myself. To be a good coach you have to win a lot. It means living under the pressure of the media through praise and criticism. This is something I have to live with every day.”