Riquelme wants to achieve goals with Atletico Madrid.

Rodrigo Riquelme wants to prove his ability to achieve goals with Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid midfielder Rodrigo Riquelme the 23 year old has revealed he received offers from other football clubs this summer. But he chose to stay with Atletico Madrid to continue achieving his dreams. From what was revealed to Marca last Saturday.

Riquelme is a youngster at Atletico Madrid but hasn’t had much of a chance to play with the first team and has been released on loan to Bournemouth, Mirandes and Girona. UFABET For the past three years, Diego Simeone wanted to assess the potential of the 23-year-old midfielder and therefore kept him for use this season. This matches the desire of the players who also want to prove their abilities.

‘I’ve been away from home for three years and I’m from here.’ Riquelme said. ‘I’ve been here all my life. I feel like this is my home.’

‘I’ve always fought for opportunities. And now having that opportunity is a turning point in my happiness. And all I want is to be successful here.’

‘It’s true that there are many offers from strong teams. But Atletico are always in my head. And I will fight for my dreams here.’ 

Atletico Madrid had previously released Riquelme to Bournemouth and Mirandes on loan from 2020-2022. Before the 22-year-old midfielder moved to play with Girona as well. He has been on loan this season, scoring four goals in 17 appearances. And the player believes he is ready to return to Atletico this summer. Trainer Diego Simeone may give him a chance to be in the first team as well.