Gerard Pique backs Messi to return to Barca.

Former Azul Grana defender Gerard Pique has backed a return to Lionel Messi old home. But stressed it should be allowed to happen naturally. Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has reveal that. Lionel Messi’s return will be “amazing”. But he wants the Argentinian’s return to his former homeland to be a natural one. According to a report from Derio Sport on Saturday. 

Messi’s future is in talks as the Argentine striker’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires this summer. And it is likely that the 35-year-old is about to leave the French capital to return to Barcelona again.  UFABET

‘It would be great for Leo Messi to come back to Barca. But the situation was too much. I feel that it might have a negative effect. I will let Messi return naturally. Finally it will happen. Because I think both sides want it to happen.’ said Pique.

Messi’s latest developments regarding new contract negotiations with PSG must fall within the scope of Financial Fair Play rules. Which the French club require the Argentine striker. Agree to reduce wages. But Messi refuses and his relationship with the fans has also deteriorate. That was why he thought of returning to the Azulgrana team again.