Benfica president insists it was foolish to take Bernardo Silva.

Rui Costa, president of Benfica of the Portuguese Liga has shut down rumors. That he is preparing to bring back experienced playmaker Bernardo Silva from Manchester City. Because he is unable to afford the €100 million price tag sports.

Bernardo is the child who created the ‘Lisbon Eagle’ who went out to experience his fortunes abroad at a young age with Monaco. Continued with City and swept every success under the uniform. ‘The Blues’ in the era of team manager Josep Guardiola ทางเข้า UFABET 

However, the 29-year-old has previously expressed his desire to leave the Etihad. Many times at the stadium because they wanted to come back and be near family and friends. Causing Benfica to always be linked. 

But Costa recently quashed rumors saying that. The Portuguese is still an asset to Manchester City and they cannot afford the 9-figure euro fee. 

“To this day there are still talks about players that. Club members and fans want to return to wearing the Benfica uniform again.” O Choco said.

“ Even the players who were linked were still hinting. But there will be reasons like. The players are ready to come back and play for Benfica. But they still say they passed because the wages are low -”

“ But they forget to realize that in most situations we cannot get players because Between the two clubs they could not agree on a fee. ” 

“Benfica is not in a position to woo a Manchester City player for a fee of €100 million.” 

Bernardo just extended his contract with City in the summer until June 2026. Overall, this season he has been used regularly by Guardiola. Playing 25 matches, scoring 7 goals , and providing four assists from all competitions.