What type of skin do we have?

     What type of skin do we have? who waste of money to buy skin care but didnt work? Choosing a skin care that is suitable for your skin is based on reading reviews alone and does not work. Because choosing the right skin care for our skin. First of all, we have to know the condition of our skin first.

What type of skin do we have?

     Skincare is the cornerstone of having good skin. But if we choose to use a skin care that is not suitable for our own skin type Even if it is an expensive skin care, it cannot help our skin get better. Because if the skin care is not suitable for our skin type then In addition to not giving full results It may also cause skin problems to follow, for example, if we are dry skin people and then use a skin care for oily skin When we use it, it may make the face feel even more dry. And if you continue to force and continue to use It may cause acne inflammation and cause more acne, it is. But these problems will be gone if we know our skin type first.

3 ways to check the condition of your skin

1. Wash your face with soap-free.

     soap-free is a skin cleanser that does not contain soap. These cleaning products will have a PH value that is similar to the natural skin, such as 5.5 and also must not contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), a substance that can cause irritation, Glycerin is a retention agent. Moisture and Myristic Acid, a foaming agent, which may also cause irritation.

2.Stay at room temperature

     After washing your face is complete. Let us dry the face. Then stay in a room with no air conditioning or in a room that is too hot. 

3. Blot the face with oil absorbing paper.

     When in the room for 1 hour, let us observe how the face feels. Along with blotting the face with oil blotting paper or tissue by blotting the T-Zone and C-Zone area, and then observe the oil stuck on the paper.

What type of skin do we have?

5 types of skin

     After washing your face for an hour and have tried blotting paper on the T-Zone and C-Zone areas. We were able to observe their own skin type as follows.

1. Normal skin 

     For people with normal skin There will be no oil stuck on the paper. Including still feeling normal on the skin surface It is not dry and tight and does not feel oily on the skin as well.

2. Oily skin

     For ladies with oily skin, after washing your face for an hour, it will feel shiny, including when using blotting papers. Will find that there is oil stuck on the paper in both the T-Zone and C-Zone areas.

3. Combination skin

     Women with combination skin can be checked by using an oil blotting paper as well, and women will find their skin oily in the T-Zone and in the C-Zone area there is no oil.

4. Dry skin (Dry skin)

     A group of women with dry skin, in addition to having no oil attached to the blotting paper. There may also be symptoms of dryness and tightness, and may also have peeling and itching skin.

5. Sensitive skin

     The last one is a group of girls. With sensitive skin or sensitive skin, sure enough, women will not have oil stuck on the oil blotting paper at all, both in the T-Zone and C-Zone areas, but there will be a burning sensation, itching, as well as having red and irritated skin.

     For girls wondering which area of ​​the T-Zone and C-Zone is the face. Let me explain it this way. The T-Zone is the forehead, nose, and chin, which are T-shaped areas. The C-Zone area is both cheeks and jawline.