Vitamin C should not be eaten with anything.

  If you want the vitamins that you take to have a positive effect on your body fully. Try not to take vitamin C with these vitamins or medications together.

Vitamin B12. Because may interact with vitamin B12 adversely, it may also interfere with vitamin B12 absorption. Therefore, if necessary, take both vitamin C and vitamin B12 together. You should leave a gap of 2-3 hours or take each type of vitamin at a different meal.

Diabetes medication Because the drug may decrease its effectiveness when encountered UFABET

Drugs containing aluminum (Aluminum), such as gastric coatings, antacids, drugs for kidney disease patients requiring dialysis. Because may increase the absorption of aluminum drugs. This will cause the body to receive more doses of this drug than it should have.

Chemotherapy because is an antioxidant. Therefore, it may reduce the effectiveness of drugs used in chemotherapy. 

birth control pills or hormone replacement pills that contain estrogen. Because will enhance estrogen levels too much.

Protease inhibitors used to treat HIV infection. Vitamin C might decrease the effectiveness of these drugs. 

statin and niacin lipid-lowering drugs Because might decrease the effectiveness of this medication.

Clot-dissolving drugs (warfarin). Since vitamin C might not work as well as it should.