TOP men’s perfumes to buy as a gift

   TOP men’s perfumes to buy as a gift. There are many young people who don’t have a lot of perfume. At most, just a bottle or two, and then it will be used for a long time. And will not buy new until the bottle is exhausted, but 10 fragrances that we recommend today will make young men I want to use more perfume, which girls can be sure that if you buy them, then Our girlfriends will have to be delighted and picked up frequently. Or if anyone is looking for perfume for themselves Or buy it to the supervisor, you can bring this list of 10 bottles to see. I can assure you that it is the perfect perfume for buying as a gift. I will definitely hit the people who receive it !!

1. Giorgio Armani – Acqua Di Gio Profondo

     The first one we recommend is Acqua Di Gio Profondo from Giorgio Armani. This bottle is a modern interpretation of the famous Acqua di Giò scent. The smell is aromatic. It is a sea, mixed with the scent of citrus from bergamot, fresh scent, sweet and sour smell. Suitable for daytime injections. Whether it is a young man, a teenager, an injection to school or a working age

2.Chanel – Bleu de chanel

     Called a top perfume, Nimyom, that is it. And besides being popular among young men, some young ladies use this bottle as well. With a modern scent Giving a modern mood a refreshing and cool mix of faint sweetness. The young spices can be used for all ages.

3. Hugo Boss – Reversed

     Office man, in addition to having to dress to look good Body scent is equally important. Hugo Boss is a perfume that speaks of confident, smart men, especially Reversed. Open the bottle with the scent of bergamot and grapefruit. Rosemary and vetiver Give a refreshing feeling Helps to increase the confidence of young men Can be on the day of an important meeting or the day that you have to meet with customers 

4.Chanel – Platinum Egoiste

     Fresh, soft, smooth, classy with scent of lavender and orange flowers. Merge with rosemary The smell is simple. Consistently fragrant, does not prick the nose And has the luxury of a metallic scent too Giving the office guy mood, dressed neatly and neatly, walked into the building to work in the morning. Injection and help our young people look rich with tact Enhancing the personality to have a gentleman style Has good taste

5. Acqua Di Parma – Colonia Essenza

     A citrus fragrance with orange and rosemary. Before followed by the scent of flowers, fragrant jasmine and rose And end with borneol Giving a feeling of luxury, expensive, classic and classy. Suitable for young business people who are at the forefront who sit at their desks or injecting them to an important event. Like the day of a big meeting Or on the day of presenting customers

6. Dior – Sauvage

     They are very similar to Bleu de chanel and they are called twin siblings. Open the bottle with the scent of bergamot and grapefruit. And has a faint minty scent And finish with the scent of myrrh and spices. Suitable for working men Can be injected both day and night. Injection to a formal event or to a casual event Okay, too.