Tips to make your bedroom for positive energy.

Tips to make your bedroom for positive energy.Many people may not yet know. We just decorate the bedroom or make our bedroom to be nice. Looks clean and easy on the eyes. Without wasting a lot of money It also meets the principles of Feng Shui. Just as it can help add good luck. Both in terms of finance, work, health, and dispel bad luck

bedroom for positive energy

1. There should be no mirrors in the bedroom.

Mirror is an important feng shui item. Because it stimulates both good chi power And reflect the bad chi energy But should not place a mirror in the bedroom Because it will make the chi turbulent until he does not sleep well Especially setting a mirror at the end of the bed reflecting on ourselves Will result in the chi being drawn in energy Making it difficult to sleep Can’t sleep well And may have nightmares

2.Use the space around the bed

If all the furniture is on the wall Will cause the circulation of the surrounding chi And can affect health luck You should leave a little distance for better chi rotation. Which should face Hua Tiao’s side towards the wall

3. Move the bed to an angle diagonally with the entrance door.

A good position is the area diagonally from the entrance. This position is called “Property position”, which will increase financial luck. Even if you can turn the head of the bed to the wall Will be the best Because it helps to sleep soundly And recharged good chi during sleep

4. Cactus in the bedroom is a barrier to love.

If placed in the bedroom of a single woman Will become a relegation of love luck Because the power of the spikes will stir up the chi And disturb sleep But if you really like Ask to put it in the bathroom, balcony or in the corner of the garden instead.

5.Sleep under the beam will make it difficult to sleep.

Must see if the ceiling overhead has beams. Or is the light in the area of ​​the pillow? This style is called “Hammered position” ufabet Chi area under the beam or the lights will be turbulent. Causing poor sleep And not deep sleep.

6. Open the door and you should not find the bed in front of you.

The door was a position that was extremely influenced by Qi. The more sleep facing the door Even more uncomfortable sleep Try to avoid the area in front of the door Or the area that meets the door If sleeping in a calm position It will help increase health luck automatically.

bedroom for positive energy

7. Sharp corners of furniture hit the bed.

Do not let the furniture like the floor on the wall Or a bookshelf with a sharp corner facing the head, because that is the “destroyer corner” that will bring bad luck. And will make luck keep falling Should be moved in a different direction so that those corners are facing the bed. Or if possible, move the bed to escape.

8. Always keep under the bed clean.

If there are a lot of unnecessary things Dust will accumulate easily. And become a bad source of chi If you get the bad Qi during sleep every night like this May cause poor sleep Should be kept elsewhere And always cleaning to clear the eyes Will make the chi flow through better