The bad behaviors

The bad behaviors that should not be ignored Resulting. Have you ever wondered why your weight loss is still the same little belly while your body is as slim as you want? Today we have 6 behaviors that young girls. Should not be overlooked if there is an intention to lose weight to be effective as a result. Let’s see if there are any behaviors that make the body slim. But the belly won’t disappear once.

1. Exercise every day. But never push-ups
Exercising every day, but never doing pushups. May help the body to have a slim body shape. But let me tell you that a little belly Still won’t go away Because push ups contribute to the muscle and fat accumulation in the muscle layer to be burned a lot. So if the girls Ignoring the push-ups during exercise will likely cause the belly to remain intact.

2. Control weight but not exercise
Maintaining the same weight Without paying more attention to exercise Just because I think that the body is already slim Let me tell you that this is a behavior that should never be done. Because in addition to being a weight loss that makes the body slim but still has a belly Also at risk of various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure. And high blood cholesterol

3. Focus on the numbers on the scale.

Focus on the numbers on the scales. Considered to lose weight that is not beneficial for the body as it should. Due to the correct weight loss; The body should be muscular and healthy at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to diet and exercise This helps to burn fat and convert it into muscle mass. Rather than paying attention to numbers on the scales only Because this behavior may make the girls Have a slim body, but still have a belly and lack of muscles.

4. A good BMI is often thought to be healthy with
a BMI, also known as body mass index. It is not an indication that a person’s physical health is always good. Because people in each region have a different amount of fat in the body. Therefore, BMI cannot be taken, and a healthy BMI should not be thought of as an indication that our physical health is going well. Conclude that the focus should be on diet and exercise will be the best.

5. I love to eat food that is not useful.
If there is an intention to lose weight But unable to stop eating unhealthy habits I can tell you that by losing weight, even if you get the body that is as slim as you want, but the little belly is still in the same place, definitely not going anywhere. Therefore, it is best to reduce the consumption of food that is not beneficial. Then turn to eating foods that provide better nutrition for the body Can be both healthy and away from disease as well

6. A Muffin Top is attached to the waist.

The girls have a slim body. But still had meat that came out right around the waist Or as we call Muffin Top is considered extremely dangerous to the body when compared to common obese people. Due to the thin body, but with the Muffin Top, it is considered a normal body weight condition. But there is excess fat accumulated at the waist itself.

For any young woman who has various behaviors As we have said above These things should not be ignored. Because sometimes it can cause negative effects on the body without knowing. Don’t be complacent about your body that is thin but has a belly. And should focus on exercise and eating a healthy diet will help the most.