Solving Problems from Work from Home

• Work on time.  Solving Problems from Work from Home. Work schedule And clear rest Try to finish the task as scheduled. Not working overtime To have more time to do other healthy activities.

 Solving Problems from Work from Home

• Adjust the environment to suit the work, such as seating in a well-lit area. Get a soft chair with a backrest. Anyone who has a bit of money will provide a good working chair.

• Adjust the height of the computer stand to suit your body and sitting posture. The height of the screen that is appropriate The top edge of the screen is close to eye level. The center of the screen should be 10-20 degrees below eye level to reduce excessive tilting or angling of the neck. If someone uses a notebook, they may use a dock. You can adjust the keyboard tilt and screen height.

• Set duration of continuous work. Make time to rest, adjust the movement and stretch the muscles properly. Both the muscles of the head, neck, shoulders and back.

Find time to exercise So that the bones and muscles can move Train the neck, back and shoulder muscles that must be used while sitting for work to build strength. Stretch Regular exercise can also lower your stress, too, especially if exercising outdoors can expose you to the sun. Will also receive additional vitamin D

• Set criteria to control your intake.  Whether it is snacks, snacks, tea, coffee, it is not too much. Hot coffee should not exceed 2 cups, Iced coffee should not exceed 1 cup.

Covid-19 is not over easily, we still need to work from home for a while, so let’s make working from home healthier. Just act right Optimize the environment It will reduce the stress from work. And have more happiness