Preparation before Lasik

Preparation before Lasik
  • stop wearing contact lenses Must refrain from using contact lenses before LASIK at least 3 weeks to prevent contact lenses from affecting the cornea. During this time, the patient should wear eyeglasses instead.
  • Refrain from using cosmetics to decorate the eye area. Do not use any cosmetics, creams, lotions or perfumes around the eyes. both 1 day before the surgery date and on the day of the surgery appointment to reduce the risk of infection after surgery.
  • Refrain from using hair or jewelry on the head. Patients must not decorate their hair or use any accessories that will affect the position of the head while using the laser instrument.
  • eating Eat a light meal on the day of the surgery. and take medication as prescribed by the doctor
  • Be prepared for the cost.  LASIK is an alternative treatment method. Therefore, there is no budget to support from the government or welfare in the social sector. Patients who decide to undergo LASIK must prepare their own treatment costs. The estimated cost of LASIK in Thailand is at 60,000-100,000 baht
  • Prepare your body If suddenly sick or feeling unwell on the day of the surgery appointment. You should discuss with your doctor whether you should postpone the surgery or not and how.
  • Preparation after surgery Have relatives or close people come to take them home. Because in addition to having to rest and treat the eyes. There may also be side effects from the medication before surgery.