Let’s measure your own emotional intelligence (EQ)!

Let’s measure your own emotional intelligence (EQ)! Skill that leads the era of competition. To make it unique and different And is the leader in many people’s hearts, an essential skill and indispensable to have Emotional intelligence 

Let's measure your own emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

It is a management concept that you must get to know. Social scientists and psychologists discovered that Managers and leaders with a high level of emotional intelligence or emotional intelligence (EQ) seem to be better at managerial or leadership roles than other managers and leaders. With moderate or low EQ

These experts also discovered that People with higher EQ are more successful in their careers. Build stronger relationships Better health with better stress management techniques Motivate both yourself and others To be more successful It also has the potential to trust others and to be trusted.

In general, having emotional intelligence means You have emotional intelligence. If you answered “yes” to the following questions, you have a high level of emotional intelligence.

Let's measure your own emotional intelligence
  • When walking into the room Can you recognize the mood of the people in the room?
  • Can you recognize other people’s emotional states?
  • Do you know when you get emotional? And you can control that mood or not.
  • In a stressful and chaotic situation Can you stimulate positive emotions in other people?
  • Can you express your feelings and tell others that What are you feeling and in what mood are you in?

The ability of the EQ looks similar to With various supporting behaviors That we talked about earlier EQ is a combination of having strong human skills and self-awareness.

EQ test

Now let’s try something fun. Below are ten questions to help you identify the IQ level in each one, allowing you to rate yourself from one to ten. Where ten is the highest score. If you want to get the right score You have to be honest with yourself.

  1. When in stressful situations I can find a way to relax.
  2. When being rejected by others I can stay calm
  3. I can easily tell of my emotional changes.
  4. “Getting up again” after a failure is easy.
  5. I have good interpersonal skills, such as listening to expressing opinions. And motivating others
  6. Showing empathy is easy for me.
  7. I can recognize when other people are sad or upset.
  8. Even though you’re doing a boring job But I was able to show a high level of enthusiasm.
  9. I seem to know what other people are ufabet thinking.
  10. I talk positively to myself rather than negatively.

A higher score than 85 indicates that you are emotionally intelligent. And if it’s over 75, then you’re on the right track to have emotional intelligence.