Know the disease Hypersomnia.

Hypersomnia is a disorder where you sleep too much, lethargic, not getting enough sleep. sleepy all the time naps during the day several times even when eating Or talking to other people can still sleep. Sleep for more than 8 hours. This disease is not caused by behavior. lazy behavior or personal personality but caused by physical or mental illnesses need to see a doctor.

Causes of Hypersomnia.

There are several reasons for UFABET the occurrence of this disease. have the opportunity to be both children and adults Therefore, be careful not to cause the following events:

  • Long-term sleep deprivation and sleep deprivation so often that the body feels insufficient sleep
  • The clock of life fluctuates, adjusting the wrong time, such as having to travel abroad with very different time periods.
  • Hormones in the body or chemicals in the brain are abnormal. make too much sleep
  • Snoring with sleep apnea causing the body to not get enough oxygen
  • brain injury or various brain diseases


The symptoms of this disease that can be observed are as follows:

  1. sleepy all the time
  2. Feeling lethargic, lifeless 
  3. Eat less but get fat easily because the body does not burn 
  4. No matter how much you sleep, you’ll feel sleepy. wake up not refreshed 
  5. easily irritated 
  6. Anxious 
  7. Slow thinking, slow thinking 
  8. talk ignorant 
  9. dizzy, bad memory
  10. There may also be symptoms of depression.