It is good to have a “marriage certificate”

It is good to have a “marriage certificate” holding it. Actually, when 2 people are married It is not uncommon to have problems with each other, because suddenly two strangers are in a relationship, and then agree to live together (hopefully) for the rest of their lives, there will be some conflict, we have to learn, gradually adjust gradually. Solve each other, which in the end, if trying to adjust Try to change I tried to fix it. But it really isn’t. Will end with a breakup

marriage certificate

This may be a reminder. That marriage is not a small thing Before agreeing to decide to marry someone Think carefully And think carefully That this person is the one who will be a partner Because there is probably no one who wants to marry and marry with important intentions, keep in mind the ” marriage certificate “ if you want to be a legitimate husband or wife. And have the right to do whatever the law protects

But some married couples agree to live together without many rituals for any reason. There is no wedding celebration. And more than that Is living as husband and wife without a marriage certificate In fact If you are not comfortable writing You won’t be able to write it down, but if you write it down, it will be more of a guarantee for your life. If you have a marriage certificate on hand

1. Verify the marriage is legitimate, provide protection.

Those who decide to live together as husband and wife If you want to get married As required by law, marriage registration must be performed. Resulting in the law to protect the marriage But if living together without marriage registration The law assumes that the couple has never been married. The law does not look at who came first, come after. The law looks at who holds a marriage certificate, so a person without a marriage certificate on hand is equal to the law. It means that if you do not want to become less, both legally and morally. A single piece of paper called “Marriage certificate” can protect you

2. The child born is a legitimate child.
When the spouses are legally registered If you have children together. The child born is also the lawful child immediately. But if you are married just to live together and have children Without a marriage registration, when having children, the child will be a bastard Or illegitimate child This becomes a completely legitimate child only if the man is certified by the child. That means If during the birth of the child Then the parents had a problem until the man did not register the child certificate There may be difficult problems following.

3. A husband and wife have to support each other.

Marriage is where two people live as a “partner”, meaning that both of you have chosen (possibly) to live together for the rest of their lives. Or until one of the parties dies Or write until there is a divorce registration Until the end of the marital status, therefore, in the meantime, both of you have a duty as husband and wife. Must support each other Whether it is one party raising the other Or help each other raise a living Which if either party violates the conditions The other party may also file a lawsuit. And may require further legal proceedings

4. Have the right to inherit if the spouse dies.
If it is a Sin Somros It is an asset that arises during the marriage of the husband and wife together. In case love can’t go on And ended up registering for divorce. The Sin Somros will be divided in half. But in case any party dies Without making a will that he wishes to give the inheritance to someone special. The inheritance will fall to the statutory heir. In which the first descendants were descendants. But if the deceased has a legally registered spouse The legal spouse is entitled to that inheritance. In the same order as the descendants And will receive a share of the inheritance equal to his descendants