How to observe elderly about back pain

1. The elderly will move less because the spine is one of the components that coordinate with other parts of the body movement. If the elderly have back pain. It will have a look that began to go wrong from the original. This is because the patient may experience pain, timing or suffering in their movement. Rarely get up to walk or move as usual

2.Stick to bed all day until he does not get up to do activities that he likes. Usually from people who like to do various activities in their daily life But when there is back pain Or signs about the spine. It makes the elderly feel like they want to lie in the same place in the same context to relieve their pain. And move as little as possible.

How to observe elderly about back pain

3. It takes longer to go to the bathroom than usual. This is because the elderly have to be careful when going to the toilet already in order to reduce accidents such as slipping and falling which are very dangerous. And the elderly with back pain that followed again The slower the movement of the body, the more time it takes to go to the bathroom each time.

4. The elderly may have wet clothes, urine and feces. When I get older Urinary incontinence And the feces will have decreased efficiency, including the movement of the body that is problematic. May cause a slow trip to the bathroom to double Or not able to get up there

5.Symptoms of muscle weakness This is a very dangerous symptom, as this symptom indicates persistent or prolonged back pain. Thus causing the bone over the nerve or nerve inflammation Can not walk far With numbness And can lead to dangerous consequences for disability Therefore need to take care And observe symptoms on a regular basis

Treatment guidelines

Spine center Nakornthon Hospital cooperates with Bumrungrad Health Network by a team of doctors who will provide treatment services for patients with spinal, spinal cord and nerve disorders, as well as a thorough diagnosis in order to find the root cause of the disease and Consider the best spinal disease treatment options. To be appropriate for each patient.

In case of not having surgery There is a method of oral drug therapy. Wear accessories to help fasten the back Exercise to strengthen the back muscles. As well as steroid injections to reduce pain Initially, more than 70% of patients will get better.

Surgery for endoscopy surgery patients with small incisions of only 8 mm, less pain, faster recovery, reduced pain from surgery.

After treatment, the medical team and staff will give you detailed instructions on how to sleep and sit properly. How to stand up safely for the patient. This includes receiving treatment from the hospital’s physical doctor in the event that special care is required. The treatment is convenient, fast and safe to enable the elderly to live a better, sustainable life.