How is artificial tears used?

How is artificial tears used? The use of artificial tears should be under the guidance of a doctor. And should be used carefully according to the instructions on the label. Importantly, it should not be used in large or too small amounts and should not be used for longer than recommended.

How can we use artificial tears ?

How to use

  • wash your hands
  • Raise your head to a comfortable position, then gently pull the lower eyelid down to make room for artificial tears.
  • Position the tip of the syringe or the tip of the artificial teardrop bottle some distance away from the eye, then slowly drop it in. Take the amount recommended by your doctor. Typically 1-2 drops are used, and for the label form, approximately 6 ml is used, while the drop is gazing at the top.
  • For the ointment, hold the syringe by the eye and gently squeeze it into the eye. Then using a dose of approximately 6 millimeters.
  • After the artificial tears are finished. Then Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes. Lowering your head slightly without squinting or blinking to prevent artificial tears from flowing out of the eyes too quickly.
  • Then use your fingers to gently massage the corner of the eye for about 1 minute to allow the fluid in the eye to drain into the tear duct.
  • Wipe off any artificial tears with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  • After instilling artificial tears Wait at least 5 minutes before instilling other eye drops or ointments. And the eye drops should be applied before the ointment to allow the eye drops to enter the eye.