Food Coma and stop gazing after eating full.

Food Coma and stop gazing after eating full. “Tummy tummy, slack eyelids” know the symptoms of drowsiness after eating (Food Coma) and find ways to overcome the adverse reactions of workers. Before escalating asleep during Work from Home

Food Coma and stop gazing after eating full

When working in the office, there is a colleague. But when having to work at home during Work from Home like this, drowsiness after eating full may occur more easily. This is medically referred to as  Food Coma, which is a condition that occurs when we eat each meal that usually contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Can be absorbed into the blood stream to be used as energy in daily life. But there is also a type of amino acid that comes from the food we eat as well, called tryptophan. Which enters the brain and nervous system, reducing stress. And can make us sleepy

As for the factors that cause Food Coma, there are many reasons. Not caused by eating too full food alone. But also to not get enough sleep Being overworked in the morning Eating too much starchy and carbohydrate foods in your meals Eating foods high in fatty acids cause the brain to secrete serotonin. And melatonin comes out Which resulted in drowsiness, drowsiness and tiredness.

Prevent it from drowsiness because of Food Coma.

  • Get enough sleep at night with 7-8 hours of rest per night. Because it is not too much and not too little time And in the standard of good sleep
  • Opt for a short lunch break. Light exercise Keep the blood flowing and the brain to work fully. It can also help you sleep better at night.
  • Drink enough water a day to keep your body feeling refreshed.
  • Tackle the boring pile of tasks on your desk in the morning. Because the brain is awake If accumulated to do in the afternoon or after having lunch. It may make us feel bored, tired, increase fatigue and induce sleepiness.