Eye care after lasik

Medication use

  Eye care after lasik , After surgery Patients may have symptoms such as blurred vision, blurred vision, itchy eyes, watery or dry eyes, burning eyes, and eye pain from surgery. The doctor will prescribe pain relievers to relieve pain. and eye drops to moisturize the eyes Prevents inflammation and infection. While using the eye drops may cause a slight burning sensation or blurred vision. The patient must not use other eye drops other than the medicine prescribed by the doctor only.

 Eye care after lasik

self care at home

Patients must strictly follow their doctor’s instructions regarding medication. And self-care. and consult a doctor about the appropriate time to recover and resume normal activities.

The doctor will advise the patient to use the eye shield while sleeping until the eye starts to recover.

Try to Avoid using eye creams and makeup for a few weeks after surgery.

avoid swimming or do strenuous activities and sports for about 1 month after surgery.

Avoid immersion in warm water for about 1 month after surgery.