Durian King of Fruits

It is a golden time for the King of Fruits like “Durian” for the months of May to June of every year. With a sweet and unique aroma Many people therefore spend money in their pockets for consumption. Which this year’s market price is currently found at about 150-200 baht per kilogram, depending on the species

Durian King of Fruits

Durian is a fruit that has a high nutritional value. The 100 grams of durian meat provides about 150 kilocalories of energy, rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats and minerals. Which minerals sulfur or sulfur give durian a unique smell And from the study of pharmacological activity, it was found that durian pulp has antioxidant activity. Reduce the level of fat in the blood. But only in vitro and animal studies.

“Vitamin C” in durian

I see durian as a sweet fruit like this. But believe it or not, the durian is rich in vitamin C. Effect on the prevention of diseases such as heart disease, diseases related to the circulatory system. As usual, it is advisable to only eat in moderation and be good for your body. 

Durian helps “reduce fat levels”

Especially the Monthong durian Containing polyphenols (Pholyphenols) to help in reducing cholesterol levels in the body. And also contains fiber that helps reduce fat as well But there must be a condition that they should not be eaten in excessive amounts. (About no more than 1 pool per day only) for anyone who is in the weight control phase, but can not resist the durian. Do not have to stress each other. Choose to eat sometimes. Because the fat in durian is fat that is not harmful to the body. Trust and secretly taste a little and will be fascinated.

Durian and the subject of “metabolism” and “intestinal detoxification”

Durian is considered a hot fruit. When ingested in the body, it burns with heat from sulfur. By choosing to eat durian in the right amount (Not more than 1 – 2 poo at a time) Durian will help accelerate the metabolism in the body Durian is rich in dietary fiber, which is good for the digestive system in the body. Like a mild laxative For anyone who wants to detox the intestines with durian, it is not difficult. Just eat durian in the morning no more than 1 poo followed by a glass of warm water will improve the digestive system.