Depression is a depressive disorder

Major depressive disorder is the most common psychiatric disorder. The patient is not mad and not a bad person. But it’s someone who has an emotional illness that needs treatment. because if left Patients may have suicidal thoughts. because there are statistics that People with depression die 20 times more successfully by suicide than the average person.

          In Thailand, the number of people suffering from depression is increasing and there are still many patients who do not come to see a doctor, so depression is an important thing to take care of.

Depression is a depressive disorder

What is Depression?

          Depression is a type of psychiatric disorder. That makes patients sick both physically, mentally and mentally, which these symptoms will affect their daily life. make yourself feel unhappy only anxiety Therefore, it must be treated promptly by consulting a psychiatrist

Depression What causes it?

          Depression is a mental disorder caused by abnormal brain chemical called serotonin (Serotonin) is reduced. The patient is sick, the whole body, soul and mind feel discouraged, sad, disgusted, not fun. with life, insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night frequent nightmares Affects the ability to work is reduced.

          However, the cause of depression is caused by many factors. both from the side of heredity mental development and the environment they face. Such as experiencing heavy stress, encountering life monsoons Severely sick to the point of exhaustion Facing loss in life.

Such as separation from parents at a young age, loss of loved ones, family, loss of work, financial problems. They Had to move house suddenly Relationships with close people were not smooth. And if you experience those events or feelings often, they can trigger depression. Including biological factors such as changes in the levels of certain brain chemicals It can result in depression as well. 

In addition, genetic factors play a part in causing depression because the disease can be inherited. But that doesn’t mean that if there are relatives.

then we will be with However, women are 70% more likely to experience the condition than men. And it usually begins around the age of 32.