Benefits honey that are better than the sweetest taste.

After knowing the origin of honey Let’s come to the benefits and properties of “honey”. For the main components are 80% glucose and 20% fructose, water, minerals, vitamins, so the various benefits. Including properties can be divided as follows.

1. Relieves and can cure cough, sore throat:

I believe that many people have heard. That if a sore throat can be mixed with lemon and drunk to cure a sore throat. According to the aforementioned research. It has been confirmed that “honey” has properties equivalent to that of the antidepressant drug Dextromethorphan. Which can relieve cough and sore throat at any age. The best results are seen in children aged 2 years and over, as well as the sweet taste of honey also helps to stimulate the secretion of saliva more. Resulting in a feeling of throat moist Relieves cough and sore throat as well. That is why honey is used as the main ingredient of many brands of sore throat or cough medicine.

2. Properties in the treatment of stomach diseases:

One of the properties of honey that many people do not know is that “honey” has the effect of healing both internal and external wounds. It can also reduce all kinds of inflammation, so it’s ideal for people with gastritis or stomach ulcers. It also has the effect of reducing the symptoms of infection and bacteria in the stomach as well.

3. Excellent body detox pills :

For anyone who wants to cleanse the body internally with easy to find ingredients near home, I recommend “Honey” because honey has good bacteria. “Probiotics” and “Lactobacillus”, which have outstanding properties that help reduce constipation. Helps to strengthen the intestines Driving faster and better If eaten with boiled potatoes, lemon juice, bananas before bedtime and after waking up It is a great detox and balance of the body. UFABET

4. Allergy relief:

Is one of the items that allergy sufferers must have in their homes. Because honey has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Especially if it is honey that comes from natural flowers. There are quite a lot of small pollen radicals. which these radicals stimulate the immune system to help the body reduce the secretion of histamine (Histamine) or substances that cause various allergic reactions such as runny nose, cough, sneeze, rash, etc. It is known that people with allergies have attached. keep home Absolutely reassuring!