Atelophobia the fear of imperfection

Atelophobia the fear of imperfection, and what you should know about it. Of course, perfection is what we humans hope for ourselves. But sometimes the expectation of perfection in life is too great. Inevitably causing anxiety to follow as well. Especially the fear of imperfection Or as we call Atelophobia today we bring something interesting about this disease. Along with treatment guidelines to share with you.

Atelophobia the fear of imperfection

What is Atelophobia?

Atelophobia is a disease that can classify as a specific type of phobia. Atelophobia derive from the Greek word Atelo, meaning imperfection, and phobia means fear. To Fear of imperfection.

Themost common cause of atelophobia is the fear of childhood. Including the upbringing of adults who do not promote self-management of feelings or cant promote well enough And often occurs with children in families where relatives are quite competitive. Also families expecting too much of their children And even being in a competitive social setting is a common cause of adolescents and working age at risk of this disease.

Symptoms of Atelophobia
As for atelophobia symptoms, patients are often anxious about what they do. Afraid that something is doing The results will not turn out as good as they could be. If one thing is done until the results are not as expected. That will make you feel like a failure and cause stress. Until it can affect having depression.

Atelophobia and 3 Ways to Know

1.Keep it in accordance with insight
Treatment according to that insight It is a treatment aimed at educating yourself about yourself. Try to allow the patient to understand and see the problems that arise with themselves. This is in order to be able to better control and improve their own thinking and behavior.

2. Follow the behavioral therapy guidelines.
This therapy uses a conditional fear reduction approach, methods are systematically followed. And face the stimuli that cause fear Psychiatrists and psychologists will adapt the treatment to suit each individual patient.

3. Drug treatment

Drug therapy is used in cases where the patient is critically ill. The symptoms that occur affect daily life. Difficult to live a normal life. Therefore, doctors use psychiatric drugs to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

It can see that psychiatric disorders all have an impact on the impact of life. Therefore, what must give to patients with such disease is Attempting to understand the patient’s acceptance of treatment as a psychiatrist. This will help the disease to be healed as soon as possible.