7 signs from a dream

7 signs from a dream that Identify important things That we should not overlook. We human beings try hard. In order to prove some of the wonders we see in our dreams. Until having researched In the science called Oneirology or the science that studies dreams. In terms of psychology, it is said that the dream signal There is a relationship with the subconscious mind that tries to tell us some important things:

signs from a dream

1. to fall from a height

In adulthood, we tend to dream of falling from a height more often than flying, says ian Warren. A dream of falling from a height means the fear of losing control. Under our consciousness We can’t control some things. Due to the sudden change While we cannot accept it.
Some scientists explain that Such dreams are normal for the body mechanics. Because during the dream time Our nerves work calmly, and our blood pressure and heart rate slow down and slow down. Some mechanical changes in the body While it will be dangerous Or various unexpected events That will immediately startle us.

2. Failing the exam or feeling ashamed in public

Dreaming of yourself doing a test of something important. But can’t do it at all Or speaking on stage But couldn’t say a word Became an awkward dream in my heart. Although we graduated a long time work, but we could not dream it represents a stressful feelings before bedtime. Or worry about something very much If this dream Recommended activities that help relax the mind. Such as listening to music before going to bed

3. Being harassed or chased

This dream can be interpreted in many ways, dream expert Laurie Lewensberg says, “ People who avoid conflicts or problems often face being chased in their dreams. ” Remember what you pursue in your dreams. It’s often something we don’t feel right. Or a situation where we try to avoid thinking about it It may be a debt or some addiction. Or someone we know, even some of our habits That we don’t like From the very bottom of the mind (it could be a bad habit, talent, or a hidden desire).

Some theories say To dream of being chased It is the resonance of the primal instincts that are rooted in our genes, which have been born since modern times. Human ancestors In the early stages of having to escape from the pursuit of Predators of that era

4. Facing disaster And the end of the world

Many people may have dreamed of the terrifying end of the world. What we all fear is deep inside this dream. May indicate A state in which we are unable to deal with the big problems in life, or it can be the result of being hit by something. Or some people make them afraid, such as listening to the news Both accurate and false news about the disaster that may be caused by the media around us is a dream that often occurs. When we feel insecure

5. A dream belly

It may seem strange, but someone really dreams like this. And it’s not just women. ufabet, a psychologist who studies dreams, says that pregnancy is a sign that something new is growing in us. Under our consciousness It might be giving birth New projects in mind such as new projects, new books, or even the intention of renovating a new home. If this dream shows that we have something that we intend to do. Let’s do it now. Don’t let it be just a dream.

6. Late dreams

Dreaming that you are chasing the train to a meeting or an important meeting, dream expert Michael R. Olsen says that this kind of dream is meaningful. We are afraid that we Will miss out on important matters such as the relationship between lovers Or someone who is important of yourself For example If we’re feeling a mistake Or do not have time to accomplish what we intend to accomplish, our subconscious mind warns us in our dreams that it is time for us to hurry. To reschedule And focus on what we really want.

7.The room in a dream

Dreaming of a new room, interpreting our own understanding of yourself, but if you dream of yourself Is walking around in that place Themselves don’t know That means We still don’t know ourselves well enough. And try to ignore If you dream of a separate room That we are not familiar with in our homes, it can be interpreted that we have certain abilities Or get some chance But we have not used it to benefit.