5 things about love It’s not the right thing, it’s a value.

5 things about love It’s not the right thing, it’s a value. The matter of love is Two people satisfaction It is not a social set of values. If your partner is just another pair that doesn’t follow the traditions or values ​​that many couples do, then that’s wrong. Let’s look at some of the rules that society often imposes that many people think are the right things. Both in fact For the senses, it’s not that fixed.

things about love

1. Men have to pay the bills to feed women.
This value originated from the days when men were working. While the women stayed with the house and guarded the house Causing men to be responsible for various expenses But nowadays The context of society has changed. Many women have jobs that are even better than men. Therefore, when eating together, they have to share the same amount of food. Well will be the best

2. A man and a woman cannot be friends.
Ancient values ​​often didn’t believe that men and women could be friends. In fact Friendship is not gender-restricted. Don’t let the backward thinking rule yourself. Men and women can sincerely give each other a good friendship. No need to date as lovers.

3. Choose dating only the rich.

Many people have a motto that they have to get together with only wealthy people. Indeed, expecting the other person to pay for you and your family is really disrespectful. Dignity makes man good and is known above all beasts. Remember, dating with people who have the same precepts do not deceive your money. Taking care of your heart on a day of exhaustion is enough.

4. Stay before the wedding Is wrong
Because life must be tied together all the time. In some cases, you may never know how your boyfriend’s behavior was going if you’ve never been together before. For example, some couples fight because they are too lazy to do chores, or some who fight because they can’t accept the other person who littered the mess in their bedrooms. Being before marriage can help reduce the mistakes of choosing your partner. If there is anything in your partner that you are not happy with. You can still turn up in time. By telling the other party to improve Or if they don’t improve themselves, they can break up without difficulty

5. Love your girlfriend’s family like our own family.
In the past, the motto of the fans was considered to be like our family. But you should be able to adjust your understanding with your partner. If you are not happy about his family There is no need to cherish your words if you encounter power, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law. Or is it being peeled off by a family lover

It will be clear that one of these values ​​was not always right after that era. The best way is Flexible adaptation Ready to apply motto and teachings to a modern era Consciousness and self-direction at all times to support life smoothly.