5 factors that cause insomnia

5 factors that cause insomnia , Today we have interesting information. About the factors that can lead to insomnia.

Some congenital disease

Because people with this disease will Have narrowed bronchospasm. Resulting in the exchange of issuance  in the bloodstream. As a result, there is less blood supply to the anchor , causing insomnia, and people with diabetes who have blood sugar levels higher than 140 mg / dL. They have to get up frequently going to the bathroom in the middle of the night Or even Pre-menstrual symptoms in women, which often cause hot flashes, chills and insomnia.

Exercise before bed

Although exercise is It will make the various functions of the body to be awake. animated And sleep well But if exercising before going to bed will make you insomnia. Because it makes the body stimulate The body and blood to the different parts of the body Excessive. exercise will cause you to exhaustion and More rest than usual. Therefore, to sleep well Should exercise regularly and Keep at least 6 hours away from bedtime.


The main cause of our headaches all the time and sleep , and anger. Anxiety Or have an emotional contemplation too much for some matters.  Also makes gastric juice in the stomach Divided by ufabet malfunctions as well.

Body weight

People who are overweight Standard and having a short neck can be fatal. If obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs due to obstructive sleep apnea, symptoms are as follows. This happens when the breathing tubes On the tongue or soft palate Blocking the trachea. while sleeping This causes the body to not exchange gas and stops breathing for a while. it is under extreme pressure Increased risk of heart attack and clogged blood vessels and sudden unconsciousness. However, if you notice that the person lying next to have abnormal breathing or stop breathing while snoring for 20 seconds or more, see a doctor immediately.

Eat before bed

While sleeping, the digestive system in the body works less and less. Especially spicy food Will cause the body to irritation, pain, burning.